Secrets of supernatural forms have always brought about an interest in people, and that is why magic tops the list when it comes to entertainment.  Magicians are just ordinary people, but their popularity depends on the extent of their imagination, and their ability to keep the audience glued to the seats. There is an umpteen number of magicians who have made it to the list of top performers, and a few are listed below. 

Harry Houdini

The end of the 19th century saw the rise of Harry Houdini, a world-famous illusionist, and genius who is recognised by anybody with interest in culture. You do not have to be interested in magic to know about the existence of this extraordinary magician. Called Erik Weisz by birth, Houdini is famous around the world for his escape acts. He has performed breathtaking acts such as trying to free himself from handcuffs specially commissioned, escaping from a can of milk filled with water and also has tried being buried alive only to come back barely dead. He performed acts of bravery which finally led to the performance in which he performed the ultimate act of escaping from a torture cell in China filled with water. At the age of 52, Houdini gave in to a ruptured appendix only to never return.

David Blaine

Known to have broken a set of world records this American magic genius was born in 1973. He is famous for his feats with endurance. His inspiration was from a street magician at the early age of four. He was termed the groundbreaking illusionist of our time as soon as he started performing on television in the year 1997. He is famous for his “buried alive” performance for which he was to remain buried underground for seven days in a plastic box which was covered by a tank filled with 3 tons of water. In recent times, Blaine has performed a stunt that has been considered a massive hit. The act involves him holding a metal cup in his mouth and catching a bullet of 22 calibers in it when it is fired from the gun.


David Seth Kotkin, also known by the name David Copperfield is one of the most successful magicians commercially. He is the winner of 11 Guinness World Records and 21 Emmy Awards. Three years into freshman year, Copperfield left a Jesuit school to perform in a musical. He was successful immediately, and the show turned out to be a successful hit. The show called Magic Man,  where he performed ran for the longest time breaking records. The show turned out to be the longest running musical in Chicago. His outstanding ability was the illusion of making the Statue of Liberty disappear.

Criss Angel

This Greek performer was born Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos and held a record for being featured on television during primetime for a duration that surpassed any other magician. The international society named Criss Angel as the ‘Magician of the Decade’ in the year 2009. He also secured the title of ‘Magician of the Century’ in 2010. He started his career when he appeared on TV in the year of 1994 by performing a primetime special named ‘Secrets.’ His most popular public performance was when he shackled himself underwater in a cell which was only the size of a phone booth and spent 24 hours there. 


Born in 1982, this English gentleman was born Steven Frayne. It was in 2011 that he created his own show called ‘Dynamo: Magician Impossible.’ He was known to cover up adequately from being bullied by his friends for his small stature, caused by Crohn’s disease. His clever card tricks helped him get a strong fan base. Walking on water, money change and the coin-in-Ice are his famous tricks.