Harry Houdini’s tradition of artistry in the field of illusions and magic tricks has continued till today. The heritage of magic as performance art is sustained by these magicians and their magic shows which are well-known for being the best ones in America.

The Outta Control Magic Show at WonderWorks

This magic show held in Orlando, Florida is certainly a show for all ages and a certified performance experience that is worthy of every penny that you will spend. Both adults and children will have fun attending the Outta Control Magic Show as their admission fee includes not only the show itself but also both food and refreshments such as wine, salad, unlimited pizza, soda, beer, and popcorn. Aside from the magic show, WonderWorks itself is equipped for family fun with its many friendly exhibits for kids, indoor rope courses, and a 4-D theater.

The Magic Castle

The magic is really more than just the name of this venue as a majority of the magicians who perform in the show graduated from the Academy of Magical Arts. If you are planning a trip to Los Angeles, California or a tour of fabulous Hollywood, do not forget to try to book an evening in the Magic Castle. Although, getting an admission may be a little tricky as it is a private club and you must be a member, a friend of a member, or have a guest membership in order to enjoy a night with them. This is definitely worth it though for aside from a dinner and a show, they have a Victorian close-up magic gallery and a venue of grand illusions in the Palace of Mystery.

Criss Angel Believe

If you are a looking for a show that stars one of the biggest magic names of the 21st century, then there is no better magic show for you than the Criss Angel Believe show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Known for his Mindfreak fame, Criss Angel is really a revolutionizing experience for magic lovers as he certainly pushes the boundaries of his craft. Some of his most memorable performance include being run over by a steamroller over a carpet of broken glass, floating above the Luxor Hotel, and even the biblical act of walking on water. The show is held at the Luxor Hotel and is held in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil in the effort of commemorating the famous magician and escapist, Harry Houdini.

Chamber Magic and Monday Night Magic

The “greatest city in the world” is not just all about a view of the nightlife, skyscrapers, Broadway the Statue of Liberty, or the Empire State building. New York City also has one of the greatest line-ups and offerings available for magic lovers. Chamber Magic performs in the luxurious Waldorf Towers. Their main performer is Steve Cohen from the Millionaire’s Magician who holds magic shows and mind-reading sessions on the weekends.

Another is Monday Night Magic which is performed at The Players Theater and is known for being the longest-running magic show that is off-Broadway. As the name suggests, they hold their shows every Monday night, which is filled with silent manipulations, surreal treats, and comedic magic acts.