The extraordinary ability for a person to be able to manipulate the forces of supernatural origin is termed ‘Magic.’ Making impossible things happen is what happens at a show where magicians enthrall audiences. Fascinating people since time immemorial, magic was used to entertain kings during the days at court. Illusionists enchant individuals in the most mystifying ways. However, magic is not some superpower; they are merely mind-tricks that magicians perform and here are a few revealed.

The Disappearance of the Statue of Liberty

David Copperfield mystically caused the disappearance of the statue of liberty in the year 1983. Though it seems magical, there is a straightforward explanation that can help understand this. A large fabric piece was draped all over the statue, or otherwise, a massive screen covered the statue which was placed in front of the people watching. Except for the spotlights, every light that surrounded the statue was turned off. This created the sense of hollow space with lights blinding the audience. People were still blinded with their vision being temporarily obscured even after the statue was unveiled. This is why the audience was unable to view the statue.

The Disappearance of the Truck

Well is this even possible with the audience on all the sides? You may ask. But it is done by draping a fake construction around the truck and adding a phony audience; now there is a need to get someone to drive and move the truck, once the drape is removed the truck seems non-existent.

A Man Who Floats

This one is the easiest, where a steel structure is placed under the clothes of the performer who wears baggy clothes. Audiences only have an angled view of the stage and the performer. Thereby, giving them the illusion of looking at a floating body.

The Hands That Come Through The Glass

Screens that are cut into specific sizes are used in order to move through the glass. There are two panels covered by the back screen. When the performance begins, the real mirror is shifted to the back thus moving the fake-panel to the front. The space created is enough to run a hand through. The actual mirror is turned to the front by the assistants at the end of the show.

Water walking

The venue for this type of performance is usually muddy waters or swimming pools that are human-made. This way a glass or plastic platform is made which remains hidden from the audience. When the illusionist walks, they actually walk across the surface of the glass thus giving the audience the illusion of walking on water.

Chain Escape Underground

This magic trick is a combination of strength and fake locks. It is a job that is accomplished with the combined efforts of assistants who help in loosening the hinges and latches, and the illusionist has to hold on firmly after getting rid of the locks. Once he is free, he comes up for fresh air.

The Signed Card

The trick is performed by asking a person from the audience to sign a card, after which the magician tears the card into four pieces. The card is restored magically with the audience watching. This is done by substituting the signed card with a folded card in the magician’s pocket. The card that is torn is the hidden one.