Almost everyone has been fascinated by magic in their childhood. Watching magicians pull out things out of nowhere can leave people speechless. Magicians seemed like superheroes with God gifted power to us, when we were children. As we grew up and found out that there are proper institutions to learn magic tricks, much of the charm is stripped away. However, it is an excellent opportunity for adults to try their hand at magic and become a party trickster or even a professional. While the field of magical arts might seem like a very singular industry, there is much networking and team play that grows into it. In fact, there are even secret and not-so-secret societies that are dedicated to magicians.

Illuminates of Thanateros

Unlike most other magic societies, IoT is not based on old social customs and hierarchies. It came into existence in the 1970s when a new magic system came up as a new challenge to ancient magic societies. Ray Sherwin and Peter Carrol developed this magic system in London. Initially called chaos magic, this system was made to overhaul old superstitious with a new age magical system. The creators of chaos magic finally created a systematic magic society in Austria to take on the traditional magic tricks. Anyone who wishes to participate in magic can join IoT for free.

Builders of the Adytum and the Servants of the Light

BOTA magic society is based in LA and has many branches all over the world. This organization was set up on the belief of the integration of spirituality and humanity. BOTA’s magical culture is entirely based on ancient knowledge of magic, which they believe was a gift from God. Astrology, Esoteric Tarot, and Alchemy are the bases of the magic society’s teachings. The final goal of all the lessons at BOTA is to take yourself as closer to God’s thoughts as possible. Hidden tricks and secrecy are the most prominent part of any magic society, but SOTL is entirely against this belief. They wish to spread their mysterious magic knowledge to all those who are interested in learning magic. SOTL firmly believes that anyone irrespective of their religion can learn the tricks. With no rank system, SOTL runs like a regular school. Whoever wants to learn about magic and its history can come and start learning. The Servants strive for equality and balance rather than power.

Magic Society
Magic Society

Ordo Aurum Solis and Ordre Reaux Croix

No magic society can come closer to OAS when it comes to ancient heritage. Founded by Thoth, an Egyptian God, OAS magic society bases its teachings on ancient and mysterious Egyptian and Greek magical traditions. These old traditions are being passed onto the next generations by previous generations through the system of secret Masters. The teaching system in this magic society includes the rank system. Very few magic societies could survive after breaking their ties with Freemasonry and Martinism is one of them. Founded in the 1700s, Martinism has grown tremendously over the years. ORC is one of the most notable magic society which is upholding the Martinist thoughts, along with many others. It has brought all the traditions and customs of Martinism in one system. ORC focuses on using magic as a tool to serve the humanity and keep the demonic powers away.