A career path of a magician is one that entails intricate mastery of specific skills. Dexterity of hands coupled quickness of body movements and substantial hand-eye coordination are few traits that are very significant assets to become a magician. For starters, you should know that magic is just an illusion, and if you can master the art of obstructing the coordination of your audience’s perspective and their reasoning, you will achieve your aim.

The goal is to capture the concentration of the audience by creating an illusion so convincing enough as a decoy for them to take the bait and when they do, then apply tactics that dodge their perception. As a beginner in the world of magic, your aim as an amateur magician is to execute smooth and straightforward magic tricks. The tricks that do not involve the disappearing act or any form of dangerous action should be your first go-to acts. Mastery of simple magic tricks helps you build your confidence and sets you up for even greater illusions.

Simple Magic Tricks

There are over hundreds of simple magic tricks that one can master to captivate the attention of their audience completely. Here are some of them that you can use to kick start your magician career with, or add to your general skills.


Conversing Calculator

This is a very simple trick that requires just specific numeric codes that display conversing words on your calculator screen. To accomplish it, use any calculator and pretend to have a conversation with the calculator and formulate questions that require a specific answer from the calculator, then punch in the codes and upon displaying, turn it upside down so that the numbers shown are interpreted as a word because of its orientation. For example, 07734 for “hello,” 7735 for “sell,” 3215 for “size” and 619 for “big.”

The Spoon Bender

Master this trick by perfecting the way you hold the spoon. This requires a bit of practice. Start by pressing down on the spoon and simultaneously slide your hand horizontally along the spoon’s handle. This way, it gives your audience an illusion that the spoon is bending – A simple magic trick but can leave your audience in awe.

The Vanishing H2O

All you need are a few props and practice to get this done. Start by using an opaque glass and wedge sponge. Place the sponge wedge inside the bottom of the cup, and this is usually prepared before the actual magic trick display. Use both ice cubes and water to make it more fun and believable. Perform the magic trick by showing your audience the cup, then add in the ice followed by the water at just enough level that the sponge wedged in the bottom of the container will absorb it. As soon as the sponge absorbs the water, distract your audience by using a magic word, and quickly turn over the cup and empty the ice cubes. Magic tricks are a fun way to get things going, especially on a dull day. For beginners, these few cool and straightforward magic tricks could be the recipe to start your magician career or brighten up a dreary day. These are also cool tricks that children can learn on a rainy day.