Magic is a part of life, as people look for magic in everything they do. There are just as many people who believe in magic as there is who don’t believe. That is what makes magic so entertaining. The mere thought that something can disappear right in front of your eyes, but you have no idea of where it went. These kinds of tricks performed at magic shows can really get an audience going.

I love a good magic show, and there’s probably nothing I enjoy more. Well, magic shows and trying my luck at online casinos, such as Poker stars. In a way, magic and luck go hand and hand, so that’s no surprise there. Just like me, there are many people who are drawn to magic, and for good reason. If they weren’t, famous magicians like David Blaine would not be as successful as he is today. So, what makes a successful magician? Aside from the talent of creating illusions, there are many attributes of successful magicians. Great magicians need to be patient, charming, and creative. Let’s take a look at what other skills and personality traits great magicians must possess.


Creativity is a huge part of being a magician. It is so important to be creative and unique, especially during shows. Magicians have to constantly develop new tricks and stunts that their audience has never seen before. They often redo tricks that have been performed by other magicians, however, they put their own twists on them. It can be challenging to constantly come up with new ways to surprise your audience. So, creativity plays a huge role in a magician’s life.

Ability to think fast

Nothing ever goes as planned. Unwanted surprises always happen in life, as well as on stage for magicians. That is why it is critical for a magician to be able to think fast. Great magicians have a skill of being able to turn a mini crisis into a jaw-dropping experience for the audience. This ability is what actually creates the magic, and without this ability, magicians would be out of luck when issues arose on stage. Having the ability to think on their feet at a moment’s notice makes all the difference between an okay magician and an amazing one.


Being talented, quick, and creative are all very important aspects of being a magician, but it’s also very important for the magician to be liked. Being personable will take you a long way in this line of business. Talent agents and producers tend to go for magicians that are more charismatic. Those magicians who are cold and self-centered tend to not get as many shows compared to the magicians who are more personable. A great magician arrives early and does not cause delays. It’s so important to a great magician to not only please the audience, but to also impress the producers as well. A good, successful magician is pleasant, has manners, and doesn’t get annoyed when asked the same questions over and over again at each show.


Great performing magicians are extremely confident and will work to please their audience no matter what setbacks they encounter. They understand that success doesn’t happen overnight and that they must be a work-in-progress. A good magician must learn the traits and skills necessary to land consistent, high paying gigs. Even when things aren’t going well, a good magician keeps his eyes on the prize, stays focused, and keeps it moving. You have to have a great deal of confidence to not get burnt out when you’re out of work and not landing gigs. Confidence also comes into play on stage. People who are shy or have stage fright do not make for a good magician. Your job as a magician is to perform, front and center, so having confidence in your abilities is very important.


Great magicians are just as curious as their audience, maybe even more. They, more than likely, became a magician because of their curiosity. Naturally curious people who are always looking for the how and why of situations make the best magicians. Almost all good magicians have gone through a phase in their life of wanting to levitate. Magicians are naturally curious to know the secrets behind everything, even the smallest acts. However, the greatest magicians have the self control to keep the secrets contained.

Magic with cards
Magic with cards


Magicians are optimistic about everything; their tricks, their shows, and their lives. They dream big and reach for the stars. It’s their optimism that motivates them to even start doing tricks and big shows, in the first place. Magicians are optimistic that one day, they will take the stage in Las Vegas to showcase their talents to the world. Someone who sees the worst in every situation or someone who would deem themself as a “realist” would never make it in showbiz. This type of person wouldn’t be good at doing magic tricks, because they are set in their ways.