You’ve probably heard of the vanishing coin trick before. It is one of the most popular magic tricks and everyone can do this trick as it is incredibly simple. Here is a unique way to recreate the famous magic trick in a way that most people don’t know. The majority of the requirements of this magic trick relies on a unique prop you make before you do the magic trick.

  1. What Your Audience Will See – First they’ll see you holding four coins right in the palm of your hand. Then after you confirm that you have four coins, you close your hand. Finally, after some magic words and movements, when you open your hand, there will only be three coins in the palm of your hand.
  2. The Magic Trick’s Secret – The secret of the magic trick is that you’ll use some aluminum foil to create a fake coin. Then, when your hand is closed after showing that you have four coins, you’ll make the fake coin vanish by secretly squishing the fake coin made of foil and hide it well.
  3. What You’ll Need For The Magic Trick – You will need four coins (the average sized coins will do better), some aluminum foil (the bigger, the better), and a pair of scissors.
  4. What to Do Before You Do The Magic Trick – First, you should put the square of foil that you cut right on top of any of the coins you have. Then, rub it thoroughly with your thumb. Next, try to make the best impression of the coin you can into the foil.
  5. How to Prepare Your Foil – Before doing the magic trick, you need your foil cut and molded. Be cautious as you cut the fake coin out from the square of foil and make sure to leave a margin for the sides of the fake coin.
  6. Perform the Trick – To begin, you must arrange the real coins on top and around the fake coin, then you show the four coins to your audience and make sure they confirm that there are four coins. Then after they confirm there are four coins, close your hand tightly and crush the fake coin into a small ball, making sure to hide the ball under the real coins. Finally, after hiding the phony coin, open your hand again and show that there are now only three coins.
  7. Things to Take Note of – Before trying the magic trick in front of an audience, you should try experimenting with practice fake coins to get one that would definitely fool your audience entirely. You should also try to experiment with how and where you place the fake coin with the real coins. The vital thing to make sure of is that it is easy for you to crush the false coin and hide it under the other coins.